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    Tampa Roadshow

    Posted in: Connex Open Forum

    Hi Connex fam!  I am excited to attend the Roadshow in Tampa next week. Interested to know who's attending?!  Tampa is my home town and I could not be more thrilled to connect with y'all there. ------------------------------ Kathy David Business Development ...

  • Posted in: Connex Open Forum

    We are struggling with the same issues. It also appears that the order of the work orders has changed. Completed work orders used to drop to the end of the listing allowing you to view open issues first. Now, the listing is posted using the work order ...

  • Posted in: Connex Open Forum

    Hi Jim, The recent changes to the user interface have lead to a few headaches on the vendor side too. Everything does seem to take more clicks than it used to, which is very frustrating when dealing with a high volume of work orders on the platform. ...

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