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    RE: WiFi T-stats

    Posted in: Connex Open Forum

    Hi Kirk, Great post! I think you will find many options for a stat like you've laid out but I think (in my opinion) you are mixing in a full EMS/BAS system vs just a stat. I could totally be wrong but from my experience, with Lightstat and Honeywell, ...

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    WiFi T-stats

    Posted in: Connex Open Forum

    Hi all 7 years ago I started my search for a WiFi T-stat solution with a very specific set of requirements. We identified one that met all them all (ecobee ems si) and shortly thereafter we rolled out this new standard across the fleet. After all ...

  • Posted in: Connex Open Forum

    Facility and Property Management Secrets Radio just launched yet another podcast episode. I was very fortunate enough to spend just over 30 minutes with Steve Hearon , President of BrandPoint Services . During this episode, I discover how ...

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